Stano Filko

Born June 15 1937, Veľká Hradná
Died October 23 2015
The creative life of Stano Filko, a Slovak artist primarily associated with environment, installation, happening, and action, is embodied in his studio in Bratislava. It was divided into five sections, each characterized by different topics and colours. Red means the biological space which is primarily related to his early works (Universal Environment, 1967); green symbolizes the social and political space, which is intended for sharing (HOPPSOC I., 1965); white is the colour of contemplation and represents the ontological space, the order of metaphysical entity (Biely priestor v bielom priestore, White space in white space 1973-1974); blue represents the cosmic yet still human space – that is why it also represents a reflection of the earthly historical context; black/ indigo is the colour of an individual, it represents the space of a subject. Filko's work is characterized by generosity, openness, and an exceptional effort to understand the world through personal philosophical models.

Muzeum umění Olomouc 2011-2016