Ludmila Padrtová

Born September 14 1931, Třeboň
Died January 24 2016
Ludmila Padrtová is an extraordinary artist who created an impressive collection of paintings and drawings in the second half of the 50s in near seclusion and who can be included in a wide stream of post-war Lyrical Abstraction. Her significant efforts of that time place her, according to art historians, along with Vladimír Boudník, among the leading personalities of the beginnings of Czech Informel. However, it soon fell into obscurity, as the artist had finished with painting by 1961, and she either gave away or destroyed a considerable part of her works in the following years. Padrtová returned to creative arts and started to draw again fifty years later, in 2011. She has created several hundred drawings and collages, which extraordinarily complement her early works.
(Ladislav Daněk)
painting, drawing, photography

Muzeum umění Olomouc 2011-2016