Daniel Fischer

Born April 11 1950
The painter and printmaker connected with the unofficial Slovak normalisation scene skilfully combines elements of artificial art and technical image, classical painting and concept in his work. Like many of his creative peers, including members of the A-R Group, he contributes to the nature of Slovak neo-avant-garde art, which is deeply involved without obvert political escalation.
In the words of Jana Geržová, Daniel Fischer is above all an artist capable of reflection, and it is this ability that is the source of his creativity: “Dan Fischer’s work is not introspective and is not a seismograph of the current mood. Observation of the actual psychic states and psycho-social manifestations of the period is superior to the ability of self-reflection, which allows him to keep a certain distance from himself, from events that are underway, an ability that adds a noetic touch to the aesthetic quality of his paintings. It is satisfying that despite the great range of meaning in Dan Fischer's work, in which the aesthetic smoothly grows into the ethical, his paintings are not burdened with literariness and mentoring, but as true poetry they preserve and multiply the ability to create short connections.” (Jana Geržová, Daniel Fischer, KS Opatov, 1989)
(Barbora Kundračíková)
graphics, painting

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