Stanisław Dróżdż

Born May 15 1939, Sławków
Died March 29 2009, Wrocław
One of the most important and appreciated Polish authors of concrete poetry. His works were marked as "pojęciokształty", the "ideas about the shape" for which use a combination of numbers, letters, characters, symbols, but also various games. He described them as "metaphorical-formal, self-reflexive codifier fact, combining science and art, poetry and the visual arts."
Dróżdż was minimalist, vivid colors deliberately renounced in favor of black and white, and just as consistently used a limited number of words. Initial texts written on ordinary paper he later transferred to larger panels and boards - and also present in the galleries. Within the scope of his work includes poems handwritten records, photographic prints, machine records, objects, spatial installations and interactive works. He is considered one of the conceptual artist - himself, however, felt more poet than artist.
(Maria Świerżewska-Franczak)
concrete poetry, conceptual art, Not in map

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