9:16 Flow of Time│Open Call for Artists at the occasion of the Jozef Jankovič Exhibition

February 26 - April 29 2018, Olomouc
Muzeum umění Olomouc
Exhibiting artists

9 : 16 The Flow of Time
Art projects resulting from the open call for artists on the occasion of the exhibition of Slovak sculptor Jozef Jankovič The Flow of Time in the Olomouc Museum of Art
 (October 12 2017 – March 11, 2018)

The public presentation of art projects in the form of a large-screen projection in the premises of Jankovič’s exhibition in the Olomouc Museum of Art – Museum of Modern Art
February 25 – March 11, 2018 

„9:16 RGB“ 2 vertically installed screen by the entrance to the Museum of Modern Art Denisova 47, Olomouc
9:16 and 18:16 screens
opening night: February 25, 2018 at 6:16 p.m.
February 26 – April 29, 2018 each day from 9:16 p.m. until midnight

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The exhibition of Jozef Jankovič is being held on the anniversary of his eightieth birthday, at which time the art community was struck with the news of his sudden passing. Tribute is thus being paid to this leading personality of Slovak sculpture in the 2nd half of the 20th century. In addition to the suggested areas below, it is an opportunity to present various forms of artistic projects, interventions in the public space and free associations related to the personality and work of Jozef Jankovič and the art of sculpture in general.

National and international artists of all backgrounds and areas are encouraged to apply with their art projects in an electronic form: moving/static image, animation, video, new media.

The application deadline was extended until January 7, 2018.

Recommended areas of artistic projects
1  The theme of the flow of time and the reflection of changes occurring in the society (social-cultural, historic, political factors) in relation to an individual; post-conceptual interpretation (electronic image/video in a synergy with a space, an object, the surrounding environment).

2  An intervention in Jozef Jankovič’s work freely developing his original morphology within your own artistic expression.

3  Using common artistic processes in the area of new media and current technologies (following the example of Jankovič, who became one of the pioneers of computer graphics in the Slovak visual art).

Participating artists and projects:

Radka Bodzevič Doubravová (*8. 7. 1991, Šumperk, CZ)
The Border, 2017, mixed media on canvas, video recording, 5:49 min.
Human society and its issues where people find themselves in the middle of chaos.
Microworlds inside individuals and their interwoven stories.

Mohsen Zare (*23. 12. 1980, Shiraz, Iran, IR)
DVLottery, 2015, video art, 3:13 min.
Everyone I know, has tried winning a US green card through annual online lotteries. An eternal alacrity for leaving, a perpetual passion for fleeing from home. This series presents re-workings of the small pictures my acquaintances have taken of themselves based on the regulations dictated by such lotteries. / Each participant, ready to join many other “used to-know”s who aren’t there anymore. Each of them is ready to leave his or her family forever. Processed into an virtual being, and melting into new and strange sceneries of dissolving “estrangement”. Turning into a picture and never turning back.

David Bartoš (*1993, Prostějov, CZ)
The Time around the Wall, 2015, video, 2:41 min.
I can’t even count how many times in my life I have walked past that wall. Each time I have walked past it I have been both the same and a different man. Time is a change of anything but time is a cycle, too. All that has been will be there again. A change is just a recap. Being different is just an illusion resulting from our very short, delimited time.

Jan Kubeš (De Ardoise) (*19. 5. 1978, Moravská Třebová, CZ)
The Time, 2017, video, 1:24 min.
A metaphor of the flow of time embodied in the figure of a human residue – a skeleton – in a cell, showing the limited human existence as a prison cell with only a little light coming from above. The fleetingness and flow of time is symbolized by the leaves falling through the opening in the vault of the cell.

Pavel Matoušek (*19. 12. 1989, Praha, CZ)
Simulacro do Sismo, 2015, video, 3:38 min.
About the limits of human perception of change.
Timeless ocean time-lapse.

Lenka Vilhelmová (*1. 3. 1957, Praha, CZ)
The House Is Not Alone, 2017, digital video, 1:00 min.
The House Is Not Alone is part of a concept of vinyl prints, digital projection, installation of objects (wood, synthetic horsehair, wax, polymer) and author books placed in wooden boxes.
A state of mind, the phenomenology of spirit and a vessel of silence.

Jan Chlup (*30. 5. 1986, Brno, CZ)
Flat Logic – The Book, 2017 (2160×1920), 2014/2017 (4K remastered), digital video, 1:30 min.
The video depicts the essence of a book. The pages are being turned backwards and forwards as a kind of unspoken narrative while representing a set of views into a particular interior. An animated painting is mapped onto the 3D object. The captured changes of the process of painting highlight the presence of the passing time. The work explores the interpretation of time and its relation to space and human experience.

Lucia Čarnecká (*25. 11. 1982, Považská Bystrica, SK)
She, 2017, video/animation, 0:51 min.
Non-physical performance (the feeling of personal fragmentation, multitasking, sitting on more than one chair at once and a permanent inability to keep up with one’s tasks) imprisoned in an object.

Zuzana Graus Rudavská (*14. 10. 1962, Bratislava, SK, US)
The Flow of Time, 2017, video, 2:30 min.
The movement of sea waves with my own shadow in them.
The moments of becoming one with the nature of which we are a part.
My own awareness of the flow of time.

Aleš Svoboda (*10. 2. 1956, Most, CZ)
Circling, 2017, digital projection, processing, 2:00 min.
In honour of Jozef Jankovič, I present the current approach to his favourite sinusoidal linear graphic art that may be developed, in computer generative art, on a single surface in many places at the same time in varying quantities and in random durations. The Processing programme works in cycles. After 10,000 steps the existing drawing is deleted and everything starts from the beginning and from random places.

Zovinec Bros. (Jozef Žovinec, Martin Žovinec) (*1981, *1982, Trenčín, SK)
Transformation: Developer, Swimming Pool, 2015, CG animation, video, 0:57, 1:06 min.
The Transformation project is a parasitic gesture for sculpture, painting, installations, architecture, digital media etc. The aim is not to intervene in the physical form of the original art works but rather visualise the current changes in cultural and social spheres through a 3D depiction. The Google Earth application is an environment enabling a virtual tour of the world’s capital cities. We perceive it as a space for expression, an opportunity to intervene in it. Through the social media, internet, and the SHARE phenomenon, we are able to distribute these interventions. The Developer presents a transformation of the sculpture of Jánošík. It visualizes playing with the cultural identity, the creation of myths, cults of personality and economic prosperity (e.g. the highest production of cars in Europe), preferred measurability of results through graphs and statistics. Wheels made by car manufacturers are added to the geometrically stylized sculpture of Jánošík. It is intentionally composed in an eclectic manner with the pop-culture reference to generating profits. The 3D object is placed in the virtual environment of Terchová in central Slovakia. Subsequently, small paper models were sent to the authorities. The original sculpture was created by Ján Kulich who was the head of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The second intervention is a swimming pool in Trenčín, a facility built for the public in 2010 that had no connection to the water main until 2017. This way of building was reported even in the US media. Our intervention in this place consisted in creating the missing element of water. We elevated the layout of the swimming pools to the same height as the buildings as a reminder of the water mass that had been missing for 7 years. Both projects in both the virtual and actual environment represent the ways of cultivation through two “fronts” of new media thanks to which one can response in a flexible way, create blogs, concentrate civil engagement, and develop activities accessible to the public.

Sculpturistika, 2011 summary of project events, 2:30 min.
The project Sculpturistika was dealing with the phenomenon of adorning the public space with works of art created during the totalitarian era. It poses the question of how we should approach such works in their present form as they are perceived by the contemporary society. In the project, the artists were able to choose among 14 works for their artistic intervention. The only condition was not to intervene physically in the statue.
Project organizers: Michal Beňo, Juraj Kocnár, Pavol Prekop.
Presentation of the project: Zovinec Bros.
Selection of authors of interventions: Michal Beňo, Michaela Dutková, Matúš Homola, Juraj Kocnár, Boris Vitázek, Zovinec Bros.
Detailed description of the project and individual authors:

Jeongsoo Lim (*8. 12. 1988, Seoul, South Korea, KR)
Background, Background, 2017, 2-channel video, 5:00 min.
Background, Background is the performing and installation about condition of subject as the background. This work is about disappearance of division between subject and background depend on the varying condition by movement of body. Subject have a role of itself by becoming background, and background can be a subject as background. This two kinds of character regard A as B, which is finally they are some things. I make a state that condition for background will be able to be a subject, and background can be a subject as itself. All things can be a real background and subject. As a result, they cannot be differentiated each other. They can exist in only their own spot, also it is impossible they can complement each other.

Kristína Doležalová, Nikoleta Gažová, Anna Sigetová, Dominika Šímová, Michal Baláž, Michal Mažáry, Alžběta Mandúchová, Lucia Hunadyová, Karin Gallová, Denisa Lodnánková, Matej Zavodan, Dominik Britanák, Juraj Schikor 
Reinterpretation of the work of Jozef Jankovič entitled Victims‘ Warning from the Slovak National Uprising Memorial in Banská Bystrica by students of the Department of Sculpture and Spatial Art of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica from 2016
Photographs: Ivana Sláviková, Eva Masaryková, Marek Galbavý, edit: Eva Masaryková, 2018, 4:16 min.

Jozef Jankovič — Flow of Time (solo exhibition, 2017-2018)

Muzeum umění Olomouc 2011-2016