Crossing Borders (The Grüner Collection)

16 Marzec - 28 Maj 2017, Bratislava
Danubiana – Meulensteen Art Museum

The Collection has emphasis on the avant-garde and neo-avant-garde works, tracing the history of various iterations of non-figurative, abstract art of Hungarian artists whether they live(d) in Hungary or abroad. This is a rarely consistent concept following developments in Hungarian abstraction from the 1945-1948 “European School” and “Gallery to the Four Directions” groups, represented by works of leading artists of these coalitions like Tihamér Gyarmathy, Tamás Lossonczy, Ibolya Lossonczy, and Endre Bálint. The Collection includes important works of the most important neo-avant-garde generation, that of the „Iparterv” (named after the Budapest venue of their epochal shows in 1968 and 1969). The “Iparterv Generation” is represented by such outstanding and internationally known artists as Ilona Keserü, István Nádler, Imre Bak, Tamás Hencze, János Fajó, Ákos Birkás, and István Haraszty.
The Collection inculdes works of artists who had left Hungary for shorter or longer periods of time but returned and continued to participate in its atistic cultre, such as Katalin Hetey, Tamás Konok, Tibor Gáyor and Dóra Maurer.

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