Century of Relativity. Permanent Exhibition of 20th Century Fine Arts

November 14 2013, Olomouc
June 30 2016, Olomouc

Magdalena Abakanowicz, 12 seated figures, 1974 - 1976 (sculpture)

István Nádler, Active yellow, 1968 (painting)

Sándor Pinczehelyi, And again (diptych), 1973 - 2002 (mixed media)

Sándor Pinczehelyi, And again (diptych), 1973 - 2002 (mixed media)

Ryszard Winiarski, Area 132, 1973 (painting)

Ludmila Padrtová, Blue, 1957 (painting)

Laco Teren, Dance of Death, 1989 (painting)

Zbyněk Sekal, Dead Head, 1957 (sculpture)

Milan Knížák, Demonstration on all senses, 1964 (photography)

Victor Vasarely, HARMAS, 1966 (mixed media)

Jiří David, INRI, 1987 (painting)

László Fehér, The Italian scene with angel, 1986 (painting)

Milan Dobeš, Kinetic relief - kinetic object, 1968 (sculpture)

Jan Koblasa, Labyrinth of the World, 1958 (sculpture)

Václav Cigler, Landscape devastated by industry, (photography)

Václav Cigler, Landscape reclaimed by nature (project), 1965 (photography)

Aleš Veselý, Picture - Object, 1960 (mixed media)

Jiří Kolář, Poem of silence, suburban poem, 1962 (mixed media)

György Jovánovics, Polish relief 81,12,13 (for V. W.), 1981 (sculpture)

Imre Bak, Postgeometry, 1982 (painting)

Dóra Maurer, Quasi-image 101, 1983 (painting)

Hugo Demartini, Relief, 1964 (sculpture)

Dóra Maurer, Reverse and variable phase of movements/ Etude no. 8, 1972 - 1974 (mixed media)

Jana Želibská, She, 1967 (painting)

Karel Malich, Silver Corridor, 1970 (sculpture)

Juraj Bartusz, Spatio-temporal Sculpture, 1978 (sculpture)

László Fehér, Steps, 1989 (painting)

Tadeusz Kantor, Still Life Figure, 1950 (painting)

Victor Vasarely, TEREK, 1951 (painting)

Jiří Kolář, The Turkish Bath, 1965 - 1969 (mixed media)

Běla Kolářová, Untitled (from the series Dishes), 1966 (mixed media)

Milan Knížák, Untitled, 1964 - 1979 (mixed media)

Jiří Kolář, [Untitled], 1971 (mixed media)

Endre Tót, Untitled, 1987 (painting)

Jerzy Ryszard /Jurry/ Zieliński, Untitled, 1973 - 1977 (painting)

Alfred Lenica, Zatrucie Farba IV - Plamy na niebie a ziemi, 1956 (painting)

The presentation portrays the best of a broad spectrum of works – often contradicting in ideas and styles of which we can identify as important, or even, without exaggeration, crucial not only for Czech modern and contemporary art. On this basic aim focuses the Olomouc Museum of Art in the perment exposition of 20th century in Central European context. Next to the basic streams in Czech modern art of this period includes artworks of exile authors and prominent Polish, Hungarian, and Slovak authors as well.

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