The art of Toyen: a source of inspiration for Hungarian painter Lili Ország

Although Toyen is well known as a major artist of the Surrealism movement, her legacy in 20th century art is less known. Lili Ország (1926–1978), a leading figure in modern Hungarian painting, is one of those who was inspired by the Czech artist.

Conference Proceedings 2016

With research topic "Central Europe 1945-1989" Olomouc Museum of Art initiated in 2016 a cycle of regular interdisciplinary meetings focusing on the research of the socio-cultural environment within the Visegrad Region countries in the second half of the twentieth century. The Conference proceedings 2016 was published in the form of a pdf file.

From Surrealism to Abstract Art: the case of Lenica

The reading of mid-twentieth century abstract painting within the perspective of Surrealist aesthetics suffered greatly from the literary dictatorship that André Breton, Surrealism’s “Parisian pope”, instituted from the very start of the movement.
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