Creating Framework for Preserving and Collecting Media Arts in V4

The project NEW MEDIA MUSEUMS: Creating Framework for Preserving and Collecting Media Arts in V4 was initiated by the Olomouc Museum of Art as a joint international platform for sharing experience with building and maintaining collections of new media artworks across different types of institutions. It includes organizations from the independent sector focusing on presenting and promoting new media art as well as heritage institutions from Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The initial phase of the project has been launched in January 2021 and is planned for 18 months.




Edward Ihnatowicz (1926 - 1988)

Edward Ihnatowicz (b.1926 in Chełm Lubelski – d.1988 in London) was a London-based artist: sculptor and designer working in cast metal techniques. Working during the peak popularity of cybernetics in the late 60s, Edward Ihnatowicz translated concepts of feedback loop and control engineering into an original form of time-based work of art – cybernetic sculptures. — Anna Olszewska


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