NMM: Druhý workshop proběhne ve Slovenské národné galérii

21. září 2021

Workshop, který se koná ve Slovenské národní galerii v Bratislavě 21. září 2021, se zaměří na otázky týkající se akvizičního procesu, dokumentace některých děl, jejich registrace do systému, digitálního archivu a úložiště, obnovy a péče o technickou součást a vybavení, jakož i mezioborovou spolupráci. Report z projektu najdete na webových stránkách po skončení workshopu.

Creating Framework for Preserving and Collecting Media Arts in V4
Workshop #2
21 September 2021
Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava

Video and installations have become the staples of artistic practice in the last three decades. Working with sound and digital media is also becoming more common. New media, which had been given the status of a separate genre, are now a common means of expression for contemporary artists. Compared to painting or sculpture, media-based works are more compact and portable, however their presence in art collections is still relatively rare. As a result, it is not at all obvious from a long-term perspective that post-1989 media-based art will have the same representation in public collections as it has had in national award exhibitions and historical anthologies.

A key obstacle in collecting media arts is the lack of expertise in its preservation. Care for electrical objects and digital materials is not the responsibility of curators, restorers nor depository staff, while museums’ technical departments are seldom ready to take responsibility for parts of the collection. The installation of these works in galleries relies on the presence of the artist, who is tasked with the role of arbiter of aesthetic and technical decisions involved in the process. Museum staff are limited in making these choices on their own. We are still far from the self-confidence that accompanies the installation of paintings and sculptures when it comes to video installation and interactive art.

The New Media Museums project addresses similar challenges by creating a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration in collection, preservation and presentation of media arts and culture. Our founding members include art museums and organisations involved in the presentation of media arts in Central Europe. The initial phase is designed as a practice-oriented research. The aim is to identify possible scenarios for the participating institutions to shape their preservation strategies and workflows to better incorporate new art forms. This is being done through case studies that partners carry out on selected works from their collections.

The subject of the opening, online workshop held in February 2021 was the identification of key issues in building and maintaining media art collections, as well as the selection of a range of works of art for case studies.

This follow-up workshop, held at the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava on 21 September 2021, focuses on the questions surrounding the acquisition process, documentation of individual complex works, their registration in the system, digital archive and repository, the restoration and care for technical component and equipment, as well as inter-departmental and interdisciplinary collaboration. Reports from the project events may be found on our website.
Founding partners:
Olomouc Museum of Art
Slovak National Gallery
WRO Wroclaw
C3 Center for Culture and Communication Foundation Budapest
PAF Olomouc

Invited partners:
Považská galéria umenia Žilina
City Gallery Bratislava
Eastern Slovak Gallery Košice
Modern Art Gallery Hradec Králové
Czech National Film Archive
Slovak Film Archive
Vasulka Kitchen Brno

The New Media Museums colloquium will be held on 18 and 19 January 2022 at the Olomouc Museum of Art in Olomouc, Czechia.

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