Adriena Šimotová

Adriena Šimotová

Born August 6 1926, Prague
Died May 19 2014, Prague

A distinctive representative of Czech fine arts from the 2nd half of the 20th century. Her work was strongly influenced by her own life and the loss of her closest family members. With her sensitive touch she formed paper and textile, and created collages and installations which lyrically dealt with human corporeality and the existential transience of being, things, and relationships. Through the increasing metaphysical dimension of her works she introduced a very sensitive form of dialogue, directed to the very depths of the inner self.

drawing, painting, object, installation, graphics, collage, illustration


Expo 1958 (group exhibition, Brussels)
Art of Young Czechoslovakia Artists 1958. Paintings and Sculptures (group exhibition, Prague)


Was member of UB 12
Creative group in the Umělecká beseda (group exhibition, Prague)


Realization (group exhibition, Prague)


Creative Group UB 12 (group exhibition, Prague)


Artists of Špála Gallery (group exhibition, Bratislava)
Adriena Šimotová (solo exhibition, Prague)
Recent Graphics from Prague (group exhibition, Washington, D.C.)


Hats and Caps (graphics)


Antipodes (graphics)

International Graphic Art Biennial (group exhibition, Florence)
Adriena Šimotová (solo exhibition, Prague)
Contemporary Czechoslovakian Graphic (group exhibition, )


Adriena Šimotová: Grafika (solo exhibition, České Budějovice)
Adriena Šimotová (solo exhibition, Brno)
Adriena Šimotová: Grafika (solo exhibition, )
Grafika Adrieny Šimotové (solo exhibition, Olomouc)



Adriena Šimotová: Empreintes (solo exhibition, Paris)


Stairs (drawing)


Adriena Šimotová: Works on Paper (solo exhibition, Brno)


Adriena Šimotová: Faces (solo exhibition, Prague)
Adriena Šimotová (solo exhibition, Sovinec)
Expressive – Central European Art since 1960 (group exhibition, Vienna)


Reconciliation (painting)
Face (Head)
Face (Head) (sculpture)

Adriena Šimotová: Drawing a Space (solo exhibition, Prague)
Adriena Šimotová: Path (solo exhibition, Liberec)
Adriena Šimotová: Obrazy (solo exhibition, Liberec)


Was member of Umělecká beseda
Received award from Herder Prize
Artists Tribute to Jiří Chalupecký (group exhibition, Prague)
New Leaves of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (group exhibition, Dresden)
Adriena Šimotová (solo exhibition, Vienna)
Adriena Šimotová: Graphics from the Sixties and Seventies (solo exhibition, Žďár nad Sázavou)
Adriena Šimotová: Setkání 1960-1990 (solo exhibition, Prague)
90 Authors in the Year 1990 (group exhibition, Prague)
Adriena Šimotová: Path (solo exhibition, Opava)


Adriena Šimotová: The Magic of of things (solo exhibition, Louny)
Tradition and Avant-garde in Prague (group exhibition, Bonn)
Grey Brick 78/1991 (group exhibition, Opava)
Adriena Šimotová: Svěcení reality (solo exhibition, Plzeň)
Adriena Šimotová: Drawings (solo exhibition, Třebíč)
Adriena Šimotová: Svěcení reality (solo exhibition, Klatovy)
Détente (group exhibition, Brno)


Adriena Šimotová (solo exhibition, Vienna)
Czech and Slovak Contemporary Art 1950 - 1992 (group exhibition, Novara)
Prague - Bratislava, D´une géneration, l´autre (group exhibition, Paris)
Svetlo v tmách (group exhibition, Žilina)
Minisalon (group exhibition, Prague)
Insights - Czech and Slovak Contemporary Art (group exhibition, Cologne)
Czech Fine Art 1960-1990 (group exhibition, Prague)
Twenty Czechoslovak Graphic (group exhibition, Ostrava)


Adriena Šimotová (solo exhibition, Budapest)
Adriena Šimotová: Floating Bottles (solo exhibition, Prague)
Adriena Šimotová: As I see it (solo exhibition, Olomouc)
Adriena Šimotová: TI AMO grafika 92 (solo exhibition, Prague)
Adriena Šimotová: Práce z poslední doby (solo exhibition, )


UB 12 (group exhibition, )
Adriena Šimotová: Footprints (solo exhibition, Planá)
Zwischen Zeit Raum I (group exhibition, Düsseldorf)
Adriena Šimotová (solo exhibition, Vienna)
Europe, Europe. The Century of the Avant-garde in Central and Eastern Europe (group exhibition, Bonn)


Adriena Šimotová: About proximal and distal (solo exhibition, Opava)
Adriena Šimotová: Obrazy (solo exhibition, Prague)
Adriena Šimotová: Podoby v paměti (solo exhibition, Prague)


Hostinné Adrieny Šimotové (solo exhibition, Hostinné)
Adriena Šimotová: First voices (solo exhibition, Prague)
Adriena Šimotová: Mapping by touch (solo exhibition, České Budějovice)
Adriena Šimotová: V hranici dorozumění (solo exhibition, Šternberk)
Adriena Šimotová: Stopy pamäte, V hraniciach dorozumenia II (solo exhibition, Bratislava)


Adriena Šimotová: Retrospective (solo exhibition, Prague)
Adriena Šimotová: Drawings to Texts (solo exhibition, Prague)
Jiří Kolář the Collector (group exhibition, Prague)
Object - Object: Metamorphoses in Time (group exhibition, Prague)


Czech Art 20th Century /1940-1970 (group exhibition, )
World of the Czech Graphics (group exhibition, Bruntál)
Adriena Šimotová: Retrospective 1959 - 2005 (solo exhibition, Olomouc)
Kalendáře pro Jindru Štreita (group exhibition, )


Czech Contemporary Art - Parallel Lines (group exhibition, Moscow)


Adriena Šimotová: And it's so quiet ... (solo exhibition, Osík u Litomyšle)
From Tizian to Warhol / Olomouc Museum of Art 1951-2011 (group exhibition, Olomouc)


Adriena Šimotová│A Graphite Angel (solo exhibition, Zlín)


Adriena Šimotová: And it's so quiet ... (II) (solo exhibition, České Budějovice)

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