Stanislav Kolíbal

Stanislav Kolíbal

Born December 11 1925, Orlová

An important Czech sculptor, a representative of conceptual thinking who tried to combine art and architecture. The author of a number of public implementations, such as a relief wall for the Czechoslovak Embassy in London and the Pankrác head of the Nusle Bridge in Prague. During Communist rule (1970-1988), he was forbidden to exhibit and export his works abroad. However, he never stopped creating and he developed the possibilities of spatial installations in his studio.
(Olga Staníková)

graphics, illustration, installation, object, scenography, drawing, sculpture, show in map


Was member of Umělecká beseda


Was member of UB 12
Stanislav Kolíbal (solo exhibition, Prague)
Creative group in the Umělecká beseda (group exhibition, Prague)


Realization (group exhibition, Prague)


Creative Group UB 12 (group exhibition, Prague)


Incoherent Matter
Incoherent Matter (sculpture)

Sculptural Balance 1955-1965 (group exhibition, Olomouc)


Received grant from the Joseph Károlyi Foundation
Artists of Špála Gallery (group exhibition, Bratislava)
Sculpture tchècoslovaque de Myslbek à nos jours (group exhibition, Paris)
Concretists´Club and Guests (group exhibition, )
The New Sensitivity. Křižovatka and Guests (group exhibition, Brno)
Artchemo (public program, )


Od začátku
Od začátku (painting)

The Most Beautiful Books of 1969 (group exhibition, Prague)
Stanislav Kolíbal (solo exhibition, Prague)
Between Man and Matter (Tokyo Biennale) (group exhibition, Tokyo)
Czech Sculpture of the 20th Century: From Myslbek to the Present (group exhibition, Berlin)
Artchemo (exhibition in 1970) (group exhibition, Prague)


Trojice (painting)


New Space (architecture)



Drawing Exhibition (group exhibition, Chicago (IL))
Stanislav Kolíbal (solo exhibition, Munich)


Eleven Contemporary Artists from Prague (group exhibition, New York (NY))


8 Artists from Prague in Munich (group exhibition, Munich)
Czech Drawings of the 20th Century (group exhibition, Paris)
Boxes (group exhibition, Kostelec nad Černými lesy)
The Principle of Hope. Aspects of Utopia in the Art and Culture of the 20th Century (group exhibition, Bochum)
Contemporary Czech Art. Collection of Janina Ojrzynski (group exhibition, Łódź)


A4 (group exhibition, )


Stanislav Kolíbal (solo exhibition, Prague)


Czech Painting Today (group exhibition, Esslingen am Neckar)


Artists Tribute to Jiří Chalupecký (group exhibition, Prague)
90 Authors in the Year 1990 (group exhibition, Prague)


Tradition and Avant-garde in Prague (group exhibition, Bonn)
Grey Brick 78/1991 (group exhibition, Opava)
Art, Europe, Czechoslovakia (group exhibition, Lingen (Ems))
Détente (group exhibition, Brno)


Czech and Slovak Contemporary Art 1950 - 1992 (group exhibition, Novara)
Prague - Bratislava, D´une géneration, l´autre (group exhibition, Paris)
Svetlo v tmách (group exhibition, Žilina)
Minisalon (group exhibition, Prague)
Czech Fine Art 1960-1990 (group exhibition, Prague)



Model Pa/ 6
Model Pa/ 6 (sculpture)
Model Pa/ III.
Model Pa/ III. (sculpture)

UB 12 (group exhibition, )
Zwischen Zeit Raum I (group exhibition, Düsseldorf)
Europe, Europe. The Century of the Avant-garde in Central and Eastern Europe (group exhibition, Bonn)
Z českého výtvarného umění (group exhibition, )
Outbreaks of Rebirth (group exhibition, Prague)
The Fissure in the Room: Positions in Art since 1945 in Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (group exhibition, Berlin)
New Sensitivity (1994, 1995) (group exhibition, )
Artchemo 1968/1969 (group exhibition, Pardubice)



Le regard égoiste 1 (Carte blanche à Ch. Boltanski) (group exhibition, Paris)
Art in Central Europe 1949–1999 (group exhibition, Barcelona)
Actual Infinity (group exhibition, Prague)
Stanislav Kolíbal: Labil - Stabil (solo exhibition, Hamburg )
90 Years of the Brno House of Arts (group exhibition, Brno)
Stanislav Kolíbal: Book Illustration (solo exhibition, Frýdek-Místek)


Object - Object: Metamorphoses in Time (group exhibition, Prague)


Minisalon (group exhibition, Ubud)
Stanislav Kolíbal (solo exhibition, České Budějovice)
Black and White (group exhibition, Bruntál)
In honor of creative Team - the First Part of the Collection of Jan and Meda Mládek (group exhibition, Prague)
Anima & Animus (manželské páry v generaci 60. let) (group exhibition, Prague)
6. aukční salon výtvarníků, 305 dárců pro konto Bariéry (group exhibition, Prague)


Private View (Josef Chloupek Collection) (group exhibition, Brno)
Space and Time (group exhibition, )
Stanislav Kolíbal: New Aquarelles and Projects (solo exhibition, Prague)


In the Spectrum of Diversity 11+1 (group exhibition, Prague)
Stanislav Kolíbal: Archive (solo exhibition, Ostrava)
After Velvet / Contemporary Czech Art with Past Connotations (group exhibition, Prague)
Sun of the Orient (group exhibition, )
Selection (group exhibition, Prague)


New Sensitivity (group exhibition, Beijing)
Unmistakable Sentences. The Collection Revisited (group exhibition, Budapest)
Years in Days. Czech Art 1945–1957 (group exhibition, Prague)
Stanislav Kolíbal: White Drawings 1968-1976 (solo exhibition, Osík u Litomyšle)
Stanislav Kolíbal: Drawings in a Plane and Space (solo exhibition, Plzeň)



Other Primary Structures (Others 1) (group exhibition, New York (NY))
Other Primary Structures (Others 2) (group exhibition, New York (NY))
Stanislav Kolíbal: Four Phase (solo exhibition, Litomyšl)
Kolíbal Diviš Písařík Štědrý / Debates with Geometry (group exhibition, Prague)


Culmination / The Apex of Czech Fine Art (group exhibition, Prague)
For the Truth (group exhibition, Prague)

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