Konrad Smoleński

Konrad Smoleński

Born December 8 1977, Kalisz
Lived in Warsaw
Lived in Bern (69)

A multimedia artist, first of all a performer, musician, author of installations and objects.
Member of the Penerstwo artistic group and music bands: Kristen, KOT, Mama, Sixa and BNNT.
Experimenter, controlled hooligan and pyromaniac, creator of objects and instruments D.I.Y.
He focuses on experiencing the medium, examines reactions and reception, tests limits.
In one of the interviews he characterized his actions as follows: "I have two strategies: violence, or actions that do not allow indifference, such as loud sound. Or, on the contrary, actions barely visible, addressed only to a very attentive recipient. (Boring and long shots in the movie quickly eliminate the impatient viewer).*

*Spojrzenia 2011 - The Deutsche Bank Foundation Award, exhibition catalogue, red. D. Muzyczuk, Zachęta – Narodowa Galeria Sztuki, 2011.

Author: Maria Świerżewska, 2018

installation, photography, sound, performance, video
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