East Slovak Gallery shows its acquisitions from 2015 - 2020 at the exhibition 7140+

February 21 2020, ; May 31 2020,

The exhibition project 7140+ presents new works acquired in the collection of the East Slovak Gallery in 2015-2020. The exhibition's ambition is to present the East-Slovak Gallery - the Museum of Art - as a memory and collecting institution that acquires, preserves, presents and professionally evaluates the cultural heritage of Slovakia. The collection of the gallery focuses on four areas - art of the 19th century, the interwar period, especially the avant-garde overlaps of Košice modernism, post-war art, and the latest area is contemporary art. The acquisition strategy of the gallery focuses on complementing the collections of the museum’s most important artists, as well as on the individual thematic cycles. The gallery acquired 207 new works mainly by purchase, but also by gift or transfer. The name 7140+ refers to the number of works currently managed by the East Slovak Gallery Collection.

7140+ New acquisitions in the collection of ESG
East Slovak Gallery
21. 2. 2020 – 31. 5. 2020
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curators: Miroslav Kleban, Katarína Nádaská

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