The End of the World? by Rudolf Sikora on display in Ostrava

October 16 2019, ; January 12 2020,

The latest exhibition by Rudolf Sikora (*1946, Žilina) at the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava focuses on issues of ecology and the environment. Sikora has conceived the exhibition as an urgent appeal to everybody who cares about the future of our civilization and our planet – which the world’s leading scientific figures now consider to be under acute threat of ecological collapse, and indeed very close to self-destruction. Sikora has been concerned with environmental issues since the beginning of his career in the late 1960s and early 70s. In his later work, he addressed questions of ecology in the broader context of cosmology. Having studied materials of the Club of Rome and its report The Limits to Growth (1972, which Sikora acquired in samizdat form from Poland), he became aware of the urgency of the ecological threats that had been articulated by some of the world’s leading scientists.

Curated by Katarína Bajcurová

Rudolf Sikora: THE END OF THE WORLD? An eco-comic
Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava
16. 10. 2019 – 12. 1. 2020
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