Organic Sculpture

March 27 – May 23 2015, Start and end dates

A group exhibition including works by fifteen artists made over the past fifty years. Whilst some sculptures question the differentiation between geometric and organic forms, others address the relationship of the form to the body or the form to the whole. The artists participating span four continents: Janine Antoni (American, b.1964); Mária Bartuszová (Czech, b. 1936; d.1996); Camille Blatrix (b. French, 1984); Pier Paolo Calzolari (Italian, b.1943); Lygia Clark (Brazilian, b. 1920; d. 1988); Fernanda Gomes (Brazilian, b.1960); Zarina Hashmi (Indian, b.1937); Sheila Hicks (American, b.1934); Paolo Icaro (Italian b. 1936); Takuro Kuwata (Japanese b. 1981); William J. O’Brien (American b. 1975); Anthony Pearson (American, b. 1969); Alina Szapocznikow (Polish, b. 1926; d.1973); Erika Verzutti (Brazilian, b.1971) and Hannah Wilke (American, b. 1940; d.1993).

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