Passing Boundaries

2004, Start and end dates

Galerie m at Schlosspark Weitmar is putting on a group exhibition of works by artists: Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Lucinda Devlin, Ger van Elk, Thomas Florschuetz, Gotthard Graubner, Carla Guagliardi, Mary Heilmann, Peter Hendricks, Magdalena Jetelová, François Morellet, Hermann Nitsch, Dounia Oualit, François Perrodin, Alfredo Álvarez Plágaro, Arnulf Rainer, Dirk Reinartz, Keiko Sadakane, Richard Serra, Leon Polk Smith, Elisabeth Vary, Andy Warhol.
The show provides a small overview of the program of exhibits at the gallery in recent years, in which boundaries have often been transcended not only in the formal sense, but also in terms of content. 

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