5. Gwangju Biennale: A Grain of Dust – A Drop of Water

September 10 – November 13 2004, Start and end dates

Curated by Yongwoo Lee and Co-Curated by Kerry Brougher and Sukwon Chang. The 5th Gwanju Biennale acted as a cultural forum experimenting with the elevation of the spectator from passive observer to active participant by working collaboratively to produce works of art with the biennale's selected artists. "A Grain of Dust A Drop of Water" is a vital natural phenomenon and ecological interpretation of order describing the cycle of creation and extinction. Dust suggests noise and cries, covers the objects of our conspicuous consumption that are remains of our industrial society. A drop of water suggests the medium of creation, animates the inanimate thus allowing the cycle of life. Dust, together with water, heals the negative elements of the contemporary society, thus revitalizing the new cultural & aesthetic values in the present world.

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