TEREK, 1951

Victor Vasarely

oil, carton, wood
31 cm;33 cm;

Olomouc Museum of Art

signed on the reverse: C-43 / "TEREK"/ 33x31 / 1951 / Vasarely

A painting which is one of the formative and representative works of the artist. It was painted in a period when he was discovering his distinctive artistic style; a period in which he dealt with new possibilities for expression through geometrical language, and which he described in his Yellow Manifest three years later. The work is interesting for its colour range, with a tonally rich composition of warm orange and brown shades, as well as for its composition of spatial and intercommunicating structures. Even though it is not large in format (33×31 cm), it proves its uniqueness in the area of European abstraction from the 1950s.

Victor Vasarely | New Acquisitions I, II | Insight into the Collections of the Olomouc Museum of Art (solo exhibition, 2015)
Century of Relativity. Permanent Exhibition of 20th Century Fine Arts (group exhibition, 2013)

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TEREK. Victor Vasarely. Central European Art Database. [online]. 25 Oct 2021

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