Translocation Olomouc, 2013

Magdalena Jetelová

plasterboard, aluminum construction, glass, textiles

spatial installation

The built-in construction with a horizontal as well as vertical shift crosses the entrance space of the exhibition hall, which duplicates everything. Under the seeming unification with the surroundings is hidden an intensive tension between architecture and space. The conflict reflects the dynamic labyrinth of passages, paths and mysterious corners in an originally open space, which is intensified by walls and pillars inclining along the vertical axis. The seemingly “falling” architecture makes its existing form relative and introduces a different experience of time and space. In connection with the acoustic element it impressively links the past with the present and invites questions about the precise definition of time, space and man’s place in the world.

was created at Olomouc

Magdalena Jetelová | (DES)ORIENTATION? Projects from 1982–2013 (solo exhibition, 2013)

Copyright Magdalena Jetelová

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Translocation Olomouc. Magdalena Jetelová. Central European Art Database. [online]. 02 Mar 2021

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