aPEL, 2013

Magdalena Jetelová

smoke bombs

on-site event with smoke

At the opening of her exhibition at the Olomouc Museum of Modern Art, Magdalena Jetelová realized a performance with signal smoke, named aPEL (Olomouc, 2013). With it she followed upon her earlier performances in her former Prague studio in Tichá Šárka (1983-85), where from models of houses as well as from uninhabited buildings she let escape red smoke, commonly used e.g. at sea in a rescue call. The colour chosen is a reminder of the way the satellite republics in the sphere of Soviet influence were marked on political maps and their ever increasing red series. She now extends the connection with her earlier work by a clear political message to the contemporary situation in a particular place: an institution – once and now. Magdalena Jetelová is passing the powerful message of smoke action to other artists in Central and Eastern Europe in the form of an open call for active collaboration and in this way she demonstrates the acute need for commitment in the Central European context.

was created at Olomouc

Magdalena Jetelová’s open call for participation authors from Central and East European countries (public program, 2013)
Magdalena Jetelová | (DES)ORIENTATION? Projects from 1982–2013 (solo exhibition, 2013)

Copyright Magdalena Jetelová

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