Crossing King’s Cross, 1996

Magdalena Jetelová

photography, performance
print on foil, light box
185,0 cm;124,0 cm;15,0 cm

recording of light event

The space of King´s Cross in central London is confronted with the planned modern high-speed railway lines which in the future will link people in time and space. The parallel laser lines radically cross a quiet night landscape of an apparent periphery of a big city. The transitional stagnation of derelict industrial buildings and storehouses is filled with the energy of motion and speed in the same area in the future, when it will become again a direct connection with the world.

was created at London

Crossing King´s Cross, London (solo exhibition, 1998)
Urban Landscape – 14°25’01”E Connection 50°05’15”N (solo exhibition, 2001)
Magdalena Jetelová | (DES)ORIENTATION? Projects from 1982–2013 (solo exhibition, 2013)

Copyright Magdalena Jetelová

Crossing King’s Cross. Magdalena Jetelová. Central European Art Database. [online]. 02 Mar 2021

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