Iceland Project, 1992

Magdalena Jetelová

print on foil, light box
180 cm;124 cm;7 cm

Olomouc Museum of Art
Acquisition 2013

Staged photography as a hanging light box. Recording of light performance.

The line of light crossing the surface of the bleak countryside of Iceland visualizes something hidden in the depth of the ocean. The Central Atlantic mountain range stretching for some 15 000 kilometres on the sea floor is the geological boundary between America and Europe. On the border of the plates in the ocean crust lined with faults and plateaus unceasing changes take place, through which the present location of continents originated. The long seam may be seen with naked eye in Iceland only. The extreme case of its emergence to the surface of the Earth is made visible by a laser beam, which thus proves the unsurmountable and always free form of the borders of our world.

was created at Iceland
was located at Olomouc

Magdalena Jetelová | (DES)ORIENTATION? Projects from 1982–2013 (solo exhibition, 2013)

Copyright Magdalena Jetelová, Muzeum umění Olomouc

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Magdalena Jetelová, Iceland Project, 1992
Magdalena Jetelová, Iceland Project, 1992

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