Linea Collection newly on

1 Grudzień 2020

The Slovak online database Web umenia has recently added a new selection of artworks from the Linea Collection that Slovak National Gallery received in 2018. There are more than 150 works of art. The gift contains of rare artifacts of old art from the middle of the 18th century, portraits and landscape paintings from the 19th century, works by masters of modern art, conceptual and abstract art from the 60s to the 80s, as well as works by contemporary authors.
Linea collaborated with SNG on loans for Tate Modern (2015) or Zachęta in Warsaw (2015), on a large monograph by Stano Filko and on other exhibition and art projects. The works from the collection were regularly presented in the Linea Gallery on Drieňová Street in Bratislava.

More information about the collection and reproductions of artworks to be found on

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