Day after day: How Július Koller documented the Velvet Revolution 30 years ago

October 2 2019, ; November 22 2019,

The Slovak National Gallery has published dozens of notebooks, in which Július Koller documented the events of the revolutionary days of November 1989. It's a fascinating look into the past. "During the night and in the morning it was raining. Morning +13 °C. Everything is in motion in Czechoslovakia, only the Czechoslovak government don't want to admit that their time is over and that new times are coming." Július Koller wrote down propheticly on 1st November 1989. On that day, similarly as on other days before and after, he sat down with his lined paper and wrote. He wrote everything he heard from the radio or read in the newspaper and added his own comments. On the 1st November he filled seven densely written pages. On these he informed about the prostests in East Germany, about discharging Havel from the hospital as well as about the situation in Kosovo and Portugal. (

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