Magdalena Jetelova presents her Patagonian project Pacific Ring of Fire in Munich

September 11 2019, ; December 7 2019,

Until December 7, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Christliche Kunst, Munich, is showing the exhibition ‘Essential is visible’ with Magdalena Jetelova. The latest project of Czech artist Magdalena Jetelova (born 1946) ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’, as in her 1992 ‘Iceland Project’, revisits the theme of the natural, geological borders. The Pacific Ring of Fire is a volcanic belt that surrounds the pacific plate in a horseshoe shape. In Patagonia, Jetelova uses mathematical calculations to mark the plate boundary with a laser beam, as clear elevations are not visible due to the eternal ice. Messages like ‘Essential is visible’ were written with a laser pointer on the changing, partly collapsing icebergs. The drastic geological changes caused by climate change clearly resound in these photographic images presented in large-format light boxes.

Curated by Benita Meißner

Magdaléna Jetelová: Essential is visible
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Christliche Kunst, Mnichov
11. 9. 2019 – 7. 12. 2019
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