Běla Kolářová: Motion / Time

June 28 2019, ; September 29 2019,

A small exhibition at the Liberec Regional Gallery with the working title New Sensitivity of Běla Kolářová (1923–2010) is conceived as a representative selection from the work of an artist nowadays regarded one of the outstanding figures of the international post-war art scene. The selection will contain rare works from her first creative stage, when Kolářová worked with photography (1955–1964), and works from her second creative period, starting in 1964, when she leaned towards assemblage and, later, created remarkable drawings with makeup. There will be works from her estate and several significant works from Czech public and private collections.

Běla Kolářová: Motion / Time
The Regional Art Gallery in Liberec
28. 6. – 29. 9. 2019
curator: Marie Klimešová
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