Stanislav Kolíbal (CZ) presents a retrospective of his work at the 58th International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice

May 11 – November 24 2019,

Kolíbal was born in the same year when Czechoslovakia opened its pavilion in the gardens of the Venetian castle. The theme of this year's Biennale Arte 2019 is an old Chinese curse "May You Live In Interesting Times", that refer to times of unrest and uncertainty. Time is also one of the basic elements of Kolíbal's work, and different times in his life brought different perspectives on the perception of creation.

Stanislav Kolíbal is a representative of conceptual art, a prominent figure in Czech art of the last few decades. Art historians are called his works by emotional geometry. From figural sculptures he get through study of natural shapes to minimalist language of geometry and abstraction. The jury chose his project to represent the Czech Republic in Venice from 23 applicants. 

“My participation in this biennale is actually a hint of a small retrospective. The oldest exhibit is from 1963 and two exhibits were made last year. As the beginning I chose the year 1963, because at that time I started to work on architectural tasks with geometry due to cooperation,” Kolíbal said in a press conference in January. The curator of the project is Austrian art historian Dieter Bogner.

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