MeetFactory (CZ) | Fightlessness

February 18 – April 3 2016

The Hungarian art group Little Warsaw (András Gálik and Bálint Havas) belongs to the most striking artists of their generation, which emerged on the contemporary art scene after the year 1989. Their work is closely connected with issues specific in the context of former Eastern Bloc countries – analysis and re-contextualization of objects and ideas from the past, deconstruction of common art forms, a striking anti-establishment attitude, a critical mirror held up to modernism, retro-avant-garde, conceptualism and neo-conceptualism, the expansion of the borders of art and transfer of artistic discourse into a broader social reality.

FIGHTLESSNESS is the first solo presentation of this art group in the Czech Republic. The prevailingly sculpture exhibition develops several parallel narratives that have been in the center of interest of Little Warsaw, along two basic lines: individual confrontation with the external world and with oneself (a kind of artistic introspect).

As a part of the exhibition opening, Little Warsaw proudly presented a piece by Mózes Márton Murányi.

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