Gate of Never Coming Back of Aleš Veselý laid the foundation for the future Memorial of Silence

March 9 2015,

In front of the abandoned Praha – Bubny Railway Station was revealed one of the first artistic acts from sculptor Aleš Veselý, that have in the following years unused station transform to the Memorial of Silence, commemorating the tragic fate of 50 000 Jewish residents of Prague, deported of 1941-1945 from here to the ghettoes and Nazi death camps. The date March 9 has also become a commemoration the victims of the so-called Terezín family camp, who were exterminated in Auschwitz on the night of 8 to 9 March, 1944 and almost 4,000 people died. A former railway station it also has become the center of public discussion on our past, with the tragic horrors of the Holocaust and its legacy to the present. In the form of a 20-metres long statue made of historical rails, a paraphrase to Jacob’s ladder, out to the sky signal that its monumentality highlights the need to preserve lasting memories of the tragic events in our consciousness.

Muzeum umění Olomouc 2011-2016